Iceland Golden Circle in a Super Jeep

The Iceland Golden circle tour is a tour where you will see three of the must attractions in South Iceland. They are Geysir geothermal area in Haukadalur, Gullfoss waterfall in Hvitá river and Þingvellir which is a national park.


Geysir is an active geothermal area where the hot spring Geysir is, the most famous hot spring in the world. History of recent centuries shows that earthquakes have tended to revive the activity of Geysir but from year 2000 it has not erupted. When it did erupt, it was sending boiling water up to 70 meters into the air.
Nearby geyser is Strokkur and it´s very active now. It erupts up to 30 metres every few minutes.


Gullfoss is a waterfall and one of the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland.
Gullfoss is in the glacial river Hvítá where you will be able to see the water plummet down into the 32 meter deep crevice. The waterfall is in two stages, 11 meters and 21 meters. The average amount of water in the waterfall is 140 cubic meters (4,900 cu ft) per second in the summer and 80 cubic meters (2,800 cu ft) per second in the winter. The highest flood was measured 2,000 cubic meters (71,000 cu ft) per second.

Þingvellir / Thingvellir

Þingvellir is a national park in Iceland, where the parliament of Iceland was supreme, legislative and judicial authority for Iceland establishment in 930 until 1271. Iceland was gradually transferred to the Norwegian and later to the Danish rulers, until in 1662, when the King of Denmark became the absolute monarch of Iceland.
In Þingvellir Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet.

Drive on the clacier Langjökull

To make the experience even more fascinating in this trip, it is a possibility to drive in the snow during the winter time or drive off road south of the glacier Langjökull in the summer.

Duration 6 hours.

Are you ready for your Iceland Golden Circle trip in a luxury Super Jeep?