Hraunfossar Borgarfjörður

The tour Hraunfossar Borgarfjörður offers beautiful and unique nature, such as waterfall, cave and glacier.
Hraunfossar (lave falls) is a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming over a distance of about 900 metres out of the Hallmundarhraun, a lava field which flowed from an eruption of one of the volcanoes lying under the glacier Langjökull. The waterfalls pour into the Hvítá river from ledges of less porous rock in the lava.


Barnafoss, the waterfall of the children, comes from an accident which is said to have taken place here in former times.
There was a natural bridge over the waterfall and two children from a nearby farm fell to their deaths crossing the river on the bridge. Afterwards, the bridge was destroyed.


Víðgelmir is a lava tube or a cave situated in the Hallmundarhraun lava field (formed around 900 CE). The roof of the lava tube has collapsed, creating two large openings near its north end which are the only known entrances. Víðgelmir is 1585m long and the largest part of the cave passage is 15.8m high and 16.5m wide, making it by far the largest of its kind in Iceland. The cave has a wide entrance but narrows down in some places. An iron gate was installed at the first constriction in 1991 to preserve those of the delicate lava formations or speleothems which haven’t already been destroyed. Evidence of human habitation, probably dating to the Viking Age, has been discovered in the cave and is preserved in the National Museum of Iceland.


Deildartunguhver is a hot spring in Reykholtsdalur It is characterized by a very high flow rate for a hot spring (180 liters/second) and water emerges at 97 °C. It is the highest-flow hot spring in Europe.
The water is used for heating homes in the towns Akranes og Borganes as well as some greenhouses.The wather is piped 64 kilometers to Akranes.


Langjökull the long glacier, is the second largest ice cap in Iceland (953 km2), after Vatnajökull. There is an unique man made ice cave/tunnel were you can explore the glacier and see it from the inside.

Duration 10 hours

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