Icelandic highland tour

The Icelandic highland tour takes you into a area that cover most of the country´s interior, or an area roughly between Langjökull, the glacier in the west, Mýrdalsjökull, the glacier in the south, Vatnajökull the glacier in the east and Akureyri, the town, in the north. The area is extending over 40.000 square kilometers and it is ranked amongst Europe´s largest unpopulated areas. The Iceland highland is usually defined as an area which is terrain above 400 meters above sea level. This area covers approximately 76% of the country and very few people live in this area.

To define the Icelandic highland, you can say that the characteristics are gravel roads, rivers without bridges, lava fields, deserts volcanic ashes and glaciers.
The highland is divided into landscape carved out by glaciers and moraine, sand, lava, glaciers and lakes. Vegetation oases are only where water is near. Geothermal arias are common and some places are warm rivers, where it is possible to take a bath.
It is possible to drive on some of the glaciers during the summertime but in the wintertime, it is possible to drive in the snow near Reykjavík.

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Icelandic highland tour places

Here are samples of some nice places to visit in the Icelandic highland tour:
Langisjór is a lake that´s 27 km² large, it reaches a depth of 75 meters and the water surface is 670 meters above sea level. Langisjór is located southwest of Vatnajökull and it´s between the mountains Tungnárfjöll og Fögrufjöll.
South of Langisjór is the mountain Sveinstindur and from the top of the mountain there is amazing view over the middle of Iceland.
North of Langisjór is another mountain, Breiðbakur. From the top of the mountain there is also amazing view but it is also possible to drive up the mountain.
Elgjá is a volcanic canyon and it is the largest in the world. The fissure is 40 km long and it is a unique natural phenomenon, which is thought to have formed in large eruption around the year 934. The canyon measurements are around 600 m wide and up to 200 m deep. Lava, which flowed from it are believed to cover 700 km², which is the largest area of lava in historical time in the country.

Landmannalaugar is a unique pearl in the Highland of Iceland. It is at the edge of Laugahraun lava field, which was formed in an eruption around the year 1477. Landmannalaugar are famous for multi colored mountains caused by the interaction of rhyolite rock and geothermal gasses. Landmannalaugar are part of an area that is a hotspot and has a lot of volcanic activity. In the middle of the campsite there is a naturally heated bathing area where it´s possible to taka a swim ride.
Hveravellir is a geothermal area which means the Hot Spring Fields and in the area there are multi – colored boiling mud pools and azure hot springs. Hveravellir is located on the Kjölur route, in the middle of the west highlands, between the glaciers Langdjökull and Hofsjökull. There is a natural hot pool located in a warm stream at Hveravellir where it´s possible to taka bath in. Hveravellir is located on the edge of the 8000 year old Kjalhraun lava field.

Kerlingafjöll is a mountain range in the Icelandic Highland which is very beautiful and colourful. Kerlingafjöll is located near to the Kjölur route and it is between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. It is mostly made out of rhyolite, tuff stone (both dark and bright) and obsidian, making the area extremely colorful.
Þórsmörk is a valley situated between the rivers Krossá, Þröngá and Markarfljót and it is in the south of Iceland. Þórsmörk is between the glaciers Tindfjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull and was named after Þór (Thor), the Norse god. Þórsmörk is a very popular hiking area in Iceland that offers beautiful mountain view and colorful vegetation.

Pickup in Reykjavik
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Price for the Super Jeep is 278.000 IKR with driver.
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Icelandic highland tour

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