The Super Jeep

Iceland Traveling in a Super Jeep is an amazing experience. Highland Icelandic Tours “HITS” organizes personal and customized travelling in Iceland. We offer a first class luxury traveling in a Super Jeep. The highly modified jeep is equipped with traction on all four 46″ tiers. This vehicle will get you to the most exotic places in Iceland to handle the extreme conditions.

This extremely power full vehicle is ideal for off road and snow traveling on glaciers and the Iceland Highland. Contact us and we will tailor a trip to your needs and ad some hidden gems of the Icelandic nature and make your trip more pleasant.

You can go where others can’t

Iceland is full of breathtaking sceneries and many of them are hard to reach by regular car or a jeep. So we build our own Super Jeep so you can experience Iceland most exotic places in luxury and comfort.  We build the vehicle to get through rough terrain, crossing rivers, driving on glaciers, the black sands and tough off road conditions.

The driver can adjust the tire pressure while driving from inside the vehicle. To drive on snow and ice the tier pressure must be lowered down to increase the float. The tire pressure is usually 25 psi, but in difficult circumstances it must be lowered 3 psi. To ensure all wheels have the same torque the vehicle is equipped with low gear and no slip differential.  This is to prevent the wheels from spinning and maximize traction.

Dine at exotic locations

We offer you to dine at exotic location in comfort were you can enjoy nice meal on a glacier or a black beach watching the spectacular scenerie.

You can choose a light meal or a char broiled steak with nice wine. Experience Iceland in a totally different way by “go out to dinner” in the wild Icelandic nature.

There are tables for eight passengers to dine, but all ten passengers can have buffet. All of the food comes from the Icelandic gourmet company Kjötkompani.

Up to 10 passengers

The Super Jeep has seats for ten passengers, seven leather captain seats and a leather bench in the back of the car.

The side windows are colored and to avoid blur they are made by double glass. In the back of the Super Jeep is space to hang coats.

There are two tables folded in each side in the back of the Super Jeep and folding table in front movable in lanes in the floor. In the trips, we offer to have lunch or dinner in the car, which can be a barbecue or buffet.

Entertainment on board

The Super Jeep is equipped with 32″ TV and Google Chromecast. There is also WiFi on board so you can log into your account on YouTube, Spotify and Netflix if wan’t to watch something or listen to music. You can use electricity (230V/12V). There are charging cables in the Super Jeep for Samsung and IPhone devices.

There are two refrigerators in the Super Jeep, one in the car for water and another one in the storage space.

are you READY to experience Iceland in a luxury Super Jeep?